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Car Repair Tips Signs of a Clogged Fuel Filter

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"Car Repair Tips Signs of a Clogged Fuel Filter"
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Performance is critical to keeping a car well-maintained in that when one issue arises and is not tended to it can have a domino effect, and the signs of a clogged fuel filter is your car's ways of screaming that help is necessary. The fuel filter on cars is located between the fuel tank and the engine, and serves to filter impurities from commercially purchased fuels before it has a chance to negatively impact your car's engine and performance. Over time and use your car's fuel filter can become clogged with dirt or a pasty material making it difficult or impossible for fuel to reach the combustion components of your car's engine. There are a number of varying signs of a clogged fuel filter, but all can be avoided by replacing the fuel filter every 10,000 miles or so. While this is a little more frequent than most car manufacturers recommend, it will ensure that fuel filter problems will  be a thing of the past.

The signs of a clogged fuel filter in a car vary in scope depending upon the depth of the severity of the clog. A minor presence of a clogged fuel filter may show in a car that starts and idles decently but experiences sputtering when driving at low speeds. A moderately clogged fuel filter may allow a driver to start their car but the car idles roughly and may stall out at stops while driving. The signs of a severely clogged fuel filter show in a car that is extremely hard to start and once it does requires a constant pressure on the gas pedal to stay running. In any of these situations the chances are that you have some type of clogged fuel filter and the appropriate measures need to be taken to get your car running properly again.

To fix a clogged fuel filter is normally an easy and inexpensive task that involves little more than removing and replacing the old fuel filter. This can be accomplished by either a professional mechanic or a car owner possessing moderate mechanical skills in short order and the problem will be resolved. A good trick to help alleviate the signs of a clogged fuel filter when assistance is unavailable is to fill the car's fuel tank with high-octane gasoline and purchase a high-octane fuel additive and pour it into the gas tank. The car should run better within a few miles if the culprit is a clogged fuel filter or until the necessary repairs can be made.

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