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When a car’s windows are covered with ice, it is very important to remove it all before driving, as the driver will not be able to see what is in front of them.  With scraper in hand, many people start their vehicles, get outside and start scraping the ice off of their car’s windows, braving the elements.  However, there are other ways to de-ice car windows than the old stand-by of using the car window ice scraper.  During the winter, it is always advised that all drivers keep de-icing materials in their vehicles for just this scenario.

Tips to de-ice car windows starts with preventive maintenance.  There are car window covers that can be purchased at automotive shops and major department stores that will stop the ice from forming on the car windows in the first place, leaving the driver with only having to remove the window covering, store it in the trunk or in the back seat, and drive on to their destination.

When a driver gets to their vehicle, and are in a hurry to get to work, but find that there is a thick coating of ice on their car windows, they invariably look for the easiest and quickest way of de-icing their car windows.  Avoiding ways that would damage the car windows, people either use car window ice scrapers, available at gas stations, automotive stores and department stores, or chemicals that are window safe.

The first method to de-ice a car’s windows is to warm up the vehicle, and then turn on it’s defrosters, both front and rear windows.  Making sure that the side vents are pointed at the side windows, the driver slowly turns the defroster up as the vehicle gets warmer.  This method should be used when there is only a slight coating of ice on the windows, or when there are no other methods available.

Tips for de-icing car windows would have to include the purchase of after-market car window de-icing agents.  A solution can be purchased, one of which is called Ice-X, which can be sprayed on the ice that is covering the vehicle’s windows.  The solution will quickly melt the ice that is on the glass, and a scraper or squeegee can then be used to remove the slush from the windows.

There are a lot of different ice scrapers available at stores and gas stations, and the smaller, flimsy models should be avoided at all costs.  There is nothing worse than starting to scrape ice off of a car window, and having the ice scraper break, leaving te driver to find another way of clearing the ice.  Or, the driver could walk to, or get a drive to a store to buy another ice scraper, or even a chemical solution for clearing the ice off of the windows.

For people who are not prepared in advance for clearing ice off of their vehicle’s windows, a mixture of vinegar and water, or isopropyl alcohol and water, at a ratio of 3 parts vinegar or isopropyl alcohol to one part water, can be sprayed through a water bottle onto the ice that is covering the car’s windows.  This is a very effective manner for de-icing car windows, and leaves them in a very clean state, the vinegar acting as a window cleaner as well as a de-icing agent.

However, there are some dangerous methods for clearing ice off of car windows, and these should be avoided at all costs.  Some of the things that a driver simply must not do when trying to de-ice a car window include;

*    Pouring hot water onto a car window
*    Using a hair dryer on the ice
*    Banging the ice with a hard and/or sharp object
*    Never use salt (road salt, sidewalk salt or even table salt)
*    Never leave the car running in the garage with the defroster on and the garage door closed to keep the winter elements outside.

Always remember that if there is a lot of ice on the side windows, they must be cleared as well, or a ticket could be issued by a police officer for driving with obstructed windows.

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