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Drivers Pick for 2010 best all Wheel Drive Cars and Suvs

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"Drivers Pick for 2010 best all Wheel Drive Cars and Suvs"
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All wheel drive cars and SUVs have always had the power to stun any car dealer or potential buyer. The line up of 2010 models are no exception, there are many unique and interesting new designs coming to the market. Not only are these cars nice to look at, they are also powerful, reliable, and come equipped with many safety features that is so important when buying an SUV, or all wheel drive vehicle. Here is a list of what every car driver will want to pick for the year 2010.

* Chevrolet Equinox *

The 2010 Equinox comes with an impressive direct injection, four cylinder engine, and boasts 30 mpg. It is equipped with a 6 speed automatic transmission, and has enough power to pull 1,500 pounds when the use of proper towing gear. The horizontally split grille tends to give the Equinox a trendy look, a power lift gate is also an option on the 2010 model. There are standard 17 inch alloy wheels on the four cylinder vehicle.

A cool feature on the interior is the power driver's seat with memory functions. Other features include the automatic climate control, navigation system and heated seats. On the aspect of safety, there are dual air bags, and side impact air bags. There are also four wheel disc anti lock brakes and traction control. The price is estimated to range from around $22,500 - $30,000.

* Land Rover LR4 *

The Land Rover LR4 comes in a more sophisticated style than the previous LR3 design. More power has been added with the introduction of the V8 engine. This new design still has the same lift gate, but has the added feature of the clear lens design taillights. The suspension has been re-modified for a sturdier ride, and the latest Land Rover comes with standard 19 inch alloy wheels.

The all wheel drive vehicle comes with a six speed automatic transmission. The terrain response system works by adjusting to all terrain conditions as the car is being driven. Anti lock brakes, side impact air bags, and the electronic stability setting are just some of the safety features car buyers can look forward to with this well built, quality designed, neat looking car. Price is estimated at just over $42,000.

* GMC Terrain SUV *

The 2010 GMC Terrain SUV promises a smooth ride, with reliable performance. It has a 4 cylinder engine, with a roomy interior, and smart looking exterior. Features include a six speaker stereo system, stability control, leather seating, and lift gate. There are also added features, such as, the rear DVD player and navigation system. The price estimated at $27,000.

* Mercedes Benz GLK Class *

The 2010 model comes with a 3.5 liter, V6 engine, and is pretty small and compact for an all wheel drive vehicle. Exterior highlights include, twin exhausts and lift gate spoiler. It has standard 19 inch alloy wheels and a panoramic moon roof. There is an optional automatic command system. The system screen can show radio stations and maps from the navigation system. Anti lock brakes, side impact airbags and the electronic stability system all add to the safety design of the new Mercedes Benz GLK Class. Prices will be in the region of 34,600 - 36,600.

These are SUVs and all wheel car vehicles that are the best your money can buy for 2010. They have the latest technology, most power, and are all economically sound. The only difficulty will be in picking the best one for you. These are all SUV's and all wheel drive cars that any driver would be proud to own for 2010.

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