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Front End Shake causes

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Having the front-end of your car vibrating when driving on the road not only is aggravating, it can be dangerous!  There are many reasons why the car is vibrating from the front, and it's up to you to try to pinpoint what that is. There are some simple things you can check yourself before you have to take it in to the pro's.

The easiest thing to check when this problem arises is the front tires.  Is the tire pressure at the recommended level in each front tire?  That is very important, so if the pressure is low, fill it up.  Low tire pressure can cause vibration, especially if the tire pressure is low on one side of the car as opposed to the other.  Uneven tire pressures will definitely cause the front-end to shake, and this is something you can rectify yourself.

Are your tires in good shape?  In other words, is there enough tread on them to be driving safely?  Use the old penny trick:  Take a penny and insert it between the treads in the groove.  If you see all of Lincoln's head, it might be time to replace those tires.  Bald tires are accident-prone, and are very dangerous in the rain as they cause slipping and sliding.  Also, check to make sure there are no bumps or bulges in the tire by running your palm across it.  If you feel bulges, then the belts could be broken or swollen to the point where the tire needs to be replaced, even if there is enough tread on it!

Is your car in alignment?  The way to check is to find a level road, and when there is no traffic on it accelerate to around fifty miles per hour and take your hands off the wheel temporarily.  If the car pulls to the right or left severely, you probably need an alignment.  Not getting the alignment not only will cause premature tire wear, it's possible it can cause some vibration as well.

Balance your car tires!  This goes without saying, as a tire out of balance will definitely cause your car to drive roughly.  You will probably have to take this to a tire shop, as they have the proper tools to do the job.  While you are there, have them check the brakes to make sure they are up to snuff.  Improper brakes can cause a vibration from the front-end.  A good tire shop will also check your shock absorbers and your struts as well.  Bad shocks will cause the car to bounce, which can impair proper driving.

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