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How to Clean a Mohair Roof of a Convertible Car

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"How to Clean a Mohair Roof of a Convertible Car"
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The major selling point of a convertible is the soft top, i.e. the roof, and since this is the major focal point of the car it is important to keep this looking immaculate. A dirty, mould ridden roof is not only going to cost a lot of money at sometime in the future but it looks awful. Fortunately, there are several soft top cleaners on the market to keep your convertible looking nice. Arguably, the best one is made by Auto Glym. 

Auto Glym manufacturers both a soft top cleaner and a soft top protector, which comes in a ‘convertible roof cleaning kit’ with a sponge designed specifically for cleaning a convertible car’s roof. So, with an Auto Glym convertible roof cleaning kit in hand how do you go about getting your roof looking like new? 

The process is easy enough and requires no training or previous experience.  With a dry sponge gently rub the roof to loosen up anything that may have gotten stuck on, such as insects, bird droppings, spores etc. Do not rub so hard the sponge begins to disintegrate, otherwise you’re going to make the job that much harder. Do not use any water or any cleaning fluids at this stage. 

Next take a vacuum cleaner, run it over the roof and suck up all the loosen debris. Take the Auto glym cleaner and spray on the roof and gently rub in a circular motion with the sponge supplied. It is important not to let the cleaner dry before rubbing in therefore work on a small part of the roof at a time. Never spray the whole roof and then start to rub as the cleaner would have soaked in before the whole roof has been rubbed down. 

During this stage of the cleaning process it is advisable not to use a normal sponge for rubbing in the cleaner as they have a tendency to tear and fall apart, leaving lots of little bits all over the roof which will need sucking up with the vacuum cleaner before starting the process again. 

Once the roof has been fully treated leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes and let the cleaner work its magic. After the allotted time, the roof will look dull and dry. The roof now needs to be rinsed with clean water to get rid of the cleaner. Use only clean water and do not use any other cleaning fluids or chemicals as it may have a reaction with the Auto Glym, which may have an adverse effect on the roof. 

It is recommended that a hose pipe is not used as this will saturate the roof too much. Instead, use a watering can or a bucket and pour the water over the roof and wipe away using the palm of your hand. The cleaner will now produce a lather so repeat the rinsing process until the lather totally disappears. The rinsing process is going to take some time. 

With the cleaner rinsed off the roof leave it to dry. Once the roof is fully dry it is time to protect it. With the Auto Glym roof protector liberally spray the whole roof, trying not to get any on the windows or the paintwork. If some of the protecting fluid does get on the windows or paintwork wipe off immediately, otherwise you may damage the car. There is no need to rub or wipe the roof at this stage. Simply spray the protector on and let it soak in. The roof protector must be allowed to dry totally, ideally for twenty four hours, in order to become effective. If it looks like it is going to rain then don’t spray any protector on the roof. 

Restoring the roof is easy although it is time consuming so set yourself a few hours to complete the task. Whilst it is going to take some time and effort the end result is well worth it in the end.

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