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How to Clean off your Car after a Winter Storm

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"How to Clean off your Car after a Winter Storm"
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All night long you listened to the wind howling outside your window. The weatherman had predicted a doozy of a winter storm, and boy, was he right! Huge, wet, heavy snowflakes are falling sideways from the sky.

You get up early, knowing your commute is likely going to take you twice as long as normal today. You open the front door to go out and start the process of cleaning off your car and...wait, where is the car? Is that it, that white hump where you parked your car last night? Unfortunately, it is. And before you can even think about that long, tedious commute, you have to excavate your car.

*Start by cleaning off the drivers side. Clear the show starting at the top, above the door frame and the window. Clear the window, the mirror, the door handle and the door. If you don't, you are likely have to spend extra time clearing the front seat!

*Start your car and turn on the front and rear defrosters, and your seat heaters if you have them. Don't bother turning on your windshield wipers just yet.

*Push the top layer of snow from the top of the car with a light weight plastic shovel. Be sure to keep the shovel an inch or so away from the actual vehicle so you don't accidentally scratch it.

*Move around the car clearing the front and rear windshields and windows, clearing each one from the top down. If there is a layer of ice under the snow, wait until you have finished cleaning the rest of the car before tackling it. You might as well let the heat from the defroster do as much of the work as possible.

*Use  your plastic shovel to remove the snow from the hood and trunk areas of the car.

*Using a brush or a broom, remove the snow from the headlights, tail lights, exhaust pipe and license plates.

*Use your shovel and clean any snow and icy chunks away from your tires and out of your wheel wells.

*Now go back and clean off your wiper blades. Scrape any remaining ice from the windshields, windows and mirrors.

*Get in the car and turn on the wiper blades. Watch them go back and forth across the windshield a few times so you can be sure they are clean enough not to smear partially melted ice across your line of vision.

Taking the time to properly clean off your car after a winter storm may not be a lot of fun, but it can save the lives of both you and your car.

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