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How to Temporarily Fix a Hole in an Exhaust Pipe

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"How to Temporarily Fix a Hole in an Exhaust Pipe"
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So they can hear you coming from a mile away, the neighbors are crabbing about the noise, your afraid the police will pull you over for sure, so what do you do with little cash and no time? Sorry, but I can only offer you some quick fixes, but they may just get you by for about a month to a year max.

First is the leak in the metal tubing, in the exhaust pipe (silencer), manifold, or the catalytic converter? Tubing and the silencer is the most common leaks or problem areas and are pretty simple to patch up.

You will need:

Tin snips
Couple pop cans
Wire brush
Two pipe clamps
Exhaust tape (aluminum base)
Heat resistant cement over 1000F
Furnace sealing putty or cement
Exhaust repair kit

Poor mans tube fix:

1.) Take either a pop can or beer can and a pair tin snips; carefully remove the tops out and cut down one side so you have a something that resembles a circular sheet.
2.) Flatten the can as much as possible. Using a wire brush clean all the metal around the crack or hole until it is free of rust.
3.) Now you can use heat resistant cement as well but I have in some cases just used the clamp and can alone.
4.) Ensuring the exhaust pipe is cool; squeeze the cement around the hole and surface of the pipe. Wrap the pipe with the aluminum can and squeeze it tightly around the entire tube. You can probably get almost two layers with one can.
5.) Lastly apply the clamp to two ends of the can ensuring a snug fit is present. Leave the cement ample time (as per directions) than voila you have your pipe fixed.

Quick patch:

1.) This time we start with the cleaning of the area around the hole with a wire brush, whether it is the pipe or the silencer (the larger oval part).
2.) Next using the cement or without (recommended with) squeeze a liberal amount of paste over the region of the leak. Now let it sit until it is somewhat hardened.
3.) Begin wrapping the tape around the entire silencer so that the tape covers the region of the hole and both to the left and right of it as well. Don't be skimpy on the tape because it is only temporary and it won't hold for long.
4.) After you have ensured it has been bound very tightly about six or seven times, which should almost finish an average roll; you can now consider it temporarily plugged.

Really there are several easy to understand kits that consist of a patch material, heat resistant bonding agent, either paste or other, and a simple clamp. These fixes should only be used for short periods due to the hole will probably expand, or other problems may follow. Make sure the pipe is cool before doing any exhaust work of any kind, and never leave the pipe so it is not protruding from the rear end to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning. If you have the money and the time go to a shop, there is no benefit in buying a used system from a wrecker, and you chance failing your emissions test for a couple of saved bucks. Ask the shop for price points since some manufactures are much more expensive than after market or lower end products, but either way hopefully you will be enjoying your quiet ride home at the end of the whole ordeal.

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