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The Differences between the Black Book and Kelley Blue Book

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"The Differences between the Black Book and Kelley Blue Book"
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Whilst previous articles have missed the connection between Kelley's Blue Book and The Black Book, there are many differences.

Kelley's Blue Book.

Kelley's Blue Book, also known as Kelley's Directory gives those seeking a vehicle a chance to check out the value of vehicles from set years. While average prices give a tremendous amount of valuable information on car values, the book should be used as a guide rather than a definitive price as many models differ and the extras included with cars will also be different.

What it offers is a genuinely recognized by Insurance authorities and is indeed used for claims work, giving the book credence as accurate in the price valuation of the following:

*Motor homes
*Motor Cycles
*RV's and leisure vehicles

The guide is split into categories and shows both new prices and those prices which apply to older models, and is used by garage dealerships in determining trade in values, although here beware that traders do want to make profit on the selling on of your second hand vehicle.

There is an options area as well where extras are covered, although given the diverse range of extras available to vehicles these days, this cannot be fully comprehensive, and is merely a guide. Book price of a vehicle is relevant to those that want to sell their vehicle and those that want to know values for insurance purposes.

The Black Book

The Black Book is an on line research site produced by the National Buyers Federation which gives details of car values by going into either the used car or new car sections, filling out criteria on a vehicle and waiting for response.

The valuation area of the site is a resource provided by the National Auto Research Division of Hearst Business Media Corporation and is American based in search facilities and backs up the Black Book editions (in existence since 1955) that give retail values of vehicles to professionals within the motor trade.


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