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Top inexpensive cars? High performance? Hold on just a minute. That doesn't go together at all. Since i'm in North America, it's unfortunate that i don't get all the cool, inexpensive, cars that are quick and nimble. I'm assuming that's what's meant with high performance.

But how inexpensive are we talking at the same time? Using the U.S currency, is 20 grand inexpensive? (Which would be equivalent to about 10 000 Euros). Now, i'll assume high performance are cars that probably destroy cars that are double or even triple it's price range. However are we also talking about economy cars? Or can we venture into the higher range? I'll give a list up to about 70 thousand dollars, and what cars deliver the most performance. Essentially, the cars that give the bang for the buck in terms of performance.

Face it, if you're getting power, you're paying for it. Which cars actually can rip the track for the cheapest?

The KNOWN inexpensive car with some succulent performance is the 2006 Honda Civic Si. 197 horses all for under 25000(Canadian). Now if you like numbers, how does 0 -60 miles in under 6.6 or around that vicinity sound? This car has proved time and time again to be an awesome machine. And if this doesn't help you much, there's always the 2008/9 Honda Civic Type R to look forward too, which gives a 20 horsepower boost. That should be plenty.

Mazda MX5 starting at 27 Canadian, meaning around 20-ish US, is quite the bang for the buck in terms of performance. Now i know this car only produces 170, but due to this car being even lighter than a Civic, this car is quick. Don't let it fool you. Light and agile, something Mazda did right the first time around.

Mini Cooper S (33 Canadian) produces 208 horses, and i'm sure there's going to be a faster version coming out soon. But this BMW engineered car is like the two, light, agile, quick and it gives you all the fun stuff you'd want in a BMW too! Now if you want to hurl this car down some stairs...just becareful.

Now of course, those are probably the two best cars under the 30k mark. Although the Miata can get a bit pricy, it'll stay under 30. Now if you wanted to get into something a bit more expensive (Yet under 40 US.), we've got a few more.

Subaru WRX STI is the fourth car on the list, coming in with a base price tag of 32k, if you want 300 horses on tap, and really need a sedan, this is probably your best bet for an inexpensive high performance car. This car is everything you need if all you want is to rip up the car next to you at the light with your family.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is your car if you want a car that rivals the WRX mentioned above, but aren't fond of the Subaru. Starting at 31, but can go to 35999 depending on the version you want. Did i mention the top of the line Evo was able to keep up with a Lamborghini Murcielago on the track? If not....well, it definitely was able to and looked good doing it.

These last two are the best bet to get if you're picking up a performance car for a cheaper price. Not bad at all in my opinion. These cars fly and leave everything in the dust, and with the AWD, light snow is not an issue.

The next car is probably the best bang for the buck in terms of performance alone. Although a sports car, and a higher end one than all mentioned, the Chevorlet Corvette is the optimum high performance sports car that would be considered inexpensive. Dancing in the area with Ferrari, Porsche and Lamborghini, all for under 60. It's not bad at all.

These are the most inexpensive yet most high performance orientated cars. Inexpensive may differ, for one it might be the Civic and the Cooper S, or the Evo and the WRX, or it might just be the Corvette. All in all, there are cars for any range that can give you the raw performance you desire.

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