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What your Car says about your Personality

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"What your Car says about your Personality"
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Cars, like clothing, give a lot away about their owner. From the most elegant Rolls to the rustiest Hyundai, cars are an excellent indicator of character. Here are a few basic categories, for you curious minds:

The Black Mercedes: This car exudes style and luxury and is tell-tale of a very large wallet. This is the car of upper class. The classic lines combine with the established Mercedes name to give the driver the flair of aristocratic taste.

The Sporty BMW: Bavaria is not far behind Mercedes reputation-wise - the variation lies in the sportier character of the BMW. When you see a BMW, you immediately know that this is a person not only with class, but with a sense of adventure. BMW is the style meets speed car.

The Ford F-350: This truck is the symbol of modern wild, wild West. If you've got a Ford this big, you trust that your mojo could take on Arnold's any day. A Ford truck has 'Modern Cowboy, and proud of it' written all over it.

The Mini-Van: It doesn't matter what brand your talking about - mini-vans are generic in what they say about their owner. These are the emblem on wheels of the family. Owner = soccer mom, or caring dad. Just watch out for the kids.

The Buick or Crown Vic: These cars indicate one thing: old American luxury. These are the brands of our parents and grand-parents. Though not quite Cadillacs, these cars now mean that retirement savings were well managed.

The Toyota: Toyota is synonymous with the new old. Basically, what I mean is that here we have a respected car - similar to the Buick, but with a modern, foreign flair - that also spells fuel-economy writ-large. These are the cars of the 40+ owner, who doesn't want to blow his budget on petrol.

The Honda Civic: Honda basically has affordable, hip style attached to it. Usually the driver is young and perhaps has a loud muffler. But don't fall into the ambiguous trap of the Civic yet - it's affordability and inoffensive style make it the perfect car for the money-conscious saver.

The Hyundai: This car generally means that the owner wanted to save, but wouldn't give in to Japan's iron wheel. This Korean car saves the owner gas and provides him with enough style to get buy. Not bad for it's price tag.

I could go on and on about what cars reveal about their owners, but I think these are the basics. So the next time you see a Honda Civic owner at the gas pump, try to find out what kind of person he/she is. You'll be surprised at this article's accuracy.

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