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What’s Car is you what Car Suites your Personality Car Fashion what your Motor says about you

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"What's Car is you what Car Suites your Personality Car Fashion what your Motor says about you"
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What does your car says about your personality? Many people believe that a car’s use is only for A to B and that it has no real link to your personality. Ask yourself the question, when you’re choosing a car to buy is the shape, colour and interior a personnel choice? If the answer is yes which I'm certain it is in most cases then your choice in car is chosen from your personality.

Since I was a young boy of 7 years old I have marveled at the shape and glamour of sports cars such a Ferrari 445 and the Aston martin DB9 right up-to today’s Lamborghini Gallardo and Aston Martin's DBS, etc. Everybody has different views on the same car.  Many people seem to find the Jaguar S type an ugly car however, I adore the twin exhaust, strange grill and wooden interior which can define my personal choice and form a part of my personality.

Many people like me believe that a car is a representation of who we are; saying a car doesn't represent our personality is like saying clothes don't show anything about who we are and what we like. Our cars in the 21st century have become more like a fashion accessory or outfit, our cars are an accessory.  Men more than women think it is important to have a car that is flashy and shows who they are.

More and more people are accessorizing their cars to make them more like themselves; adding spoilers, changing interior, blinging the car to the max and even adding graffiti. Shows such as Topgear and Fifth Gear have explored the world of boy racers and car developers spending ridiculous amounts of money just to make their cars original and their own. Maybe not everyone agrees that cars show our personality and something about us however Topgear proved that there are people out there, people who would rather buy a Citroen Saxo and spend £40,000 making it into an original fast car than just buying a Porsche 911.

Fashion over function is certainly true in the world of fashion and now also in the motor industry.  There is no way on this planet someone would buy a Ferrari or Lamborghini for its practicality or it's fuel consumption or even its speed! Many men buy these cars to say I’ve got money and style, just like women and their clothes and jewelry. Overall women can understand this at best if I were to say a man with his car is like a woman with her shoes; it is an important choice or colour, style and just what they say about you.

You are what you drive is not the right phrase for this subject because we can be driving something we don't actually desire, the correct phrase would be you are what you wish to drive.

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